Perry Woods: Coble disrespects Raleigh

March 29, 2013 

Coble disrespects Raleigh

It is one thing when politicians across the state hate on Raleigh, but it is another when a former mayor and county commissioner does.

Paul Coble mistakenly claims Raleigh got a “sweetheart deal” for Dix park. Raleigh is overpaying for park land that it has to assume the risk of a landfill and asbestos filled buildings. Raleigh is paying more than the $1 per year for a 193-acre trail in Sen. Phil Berger’s district; more than $1 per year for Hemlock Bluffs; and more than $1 per year for a number of parcels Wake County leases from the State.

Is Coble going to cancel all those leases and float a bond to buy them at full market value? Raleigh is a net contributor to state coffers, and Dix park will help Raleigh attract high-paying jobs, adding more revenue to the state.

How shameful for Coble and the legislature to hide behind mental health. They could have kept the hospital open, voted for mental health parity and accepted Medicaid expansion adding hundreds of millions of dollars. All would generate far more than the one-time windfall of dividing and selling Dix to the highest bidder.

Perry Woods


The writer is a political strategist who has worked with Raleigh Democrats.

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