Hunter Buxton: Dix a good deal for N.C.

March 30, 2013 

A good deal for N.C.

As a native North Carolinian, I have benefited from and am proud of the investments our past legislators and governors have made in my state. Whether it be in restoring our beaches, preserving our mountains, building a statewide community college system or creating attractions such as Discovery Place in Charlotte and the zoo in Asheboro, North Carolinians have long enjoyed the benefit of visionary leadership that has made our state a wonderful place to live.

As we discuss this notion of a “better deal for the state” concerning Dix, it is important to note that this deal asks for no money from the state. In fact the agreement that has been signed stipulates that Wake County pays $500,000 annually to the state as well as bears the responsibility of creating and maintaining the park.

This world-class destination will benefit all the citizens of North Carolina, just as Wake County residents benefit from the money they send the state that funds projects in other parts of the Piedmont, the mountains and the coast.

If anybody is getting a good deal here, it is the state of North Carolina.

Hunter Buxton, Raleigh

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