Chuck Flink: Dix would aid tourism

March 30, 2013 

Dix would aid tourism

The North Carolina General Assembly is horribly misguided to believe that transforming 306 acres into a destination park in downtown Raleigh is somehow a bad business decision for the citizens of North Carolina. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A destination park will attract significant tourism to Raleigh, complement other investments made by the city of Raleigh and North Carolina during the past three decades (Farmer’s Market, N.C. State Centennial Campus, Fayetteville Street, etc.) and result in a developed corridor of land extending from downtown Raleigh through the Centennial Campus that will generate millions in financial return for the state.

Consider that tourism generated $22 billion (2010) in economic impact, employs more than 9 percent of all North Carolinians (378,000 people), supports more than 40,000 businesses and generates $5.3 billion in local state and federal taxes (2010). The Dix decision is on par with the state’s ability to lure MetLife and its 2,600 jobs to North Carolina.

Transforming Dix into a destination park is a sound business decision by the state. Let’s work together to make this park a reality and realize the tremendous return on investment.

Chuck Flink, Durham

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