Keith Hill: Dix purpose lost

March 30, 2013 

A purpose lost

The issue I see with converting the Dix facility to a park is that the property was originally purchased with money from all citizens of the state of N.C. for the purpose of serving the mentally ill.

It’s wrong of the state to agree to lease the land for less than fair market value, period. If the city of Raleigh wants to build a world-class park, it needs to compensate the state fairly so that the funds can be used appropriately, for the well-being of the mentally ill. If they need to charge admission, so be it.

All involved should be ashamed of taking advantage of the mentally ill. It doesn’t need to be offered to the developers to be divided into more urban ad-nauseam, but Raleigh is not entitled to get it favorably.

In 1974 the facility had 2,354 acres but sadly today a mere 306. Some of the property has been reallocated to NCSU Centennial Campus and the State Farmers Market without compensating the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services. “Free” for Raleigh comes at a cost, and in this case it’s at the expense of the mentally ill.

Keith Hill, Apex

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