Thomas Kline: Park would define Raleigh

March 30, 2013 

A city-defining park

Parks can define a city. New York with its Central Park, San Francisco with the Golden Gate Park, Richmond, Va., with the James River Park. With a hilltop park, Raleigh would be known as the place with a huge 350-acre city park overlooking the capital – right in the center of things.

Identifying our capital city is a big deal. It makes us proud when someone visits. “Oh let’s go for a picnic and see your ...” Without the Dix park, how do we complete the sentence?

Long-range planners always look for ways to add permanent identifying to their capital cities. This provides an identity for the capital and for the entire state. Thinking of moving your business here? “I heard they have a great city park. Must be a great place to live.”

We need to remember we have one of the worst unemployment rates in the U.S. Attracting business, and expanding existing business, is a must.

We elected the legislature and the governor. The key word being: We. We do not want the Dix park developed.

Thomas Kline, Raleigh

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