Harold W. Bruen: A teacher’s heart

March 30, 2013 

A teacher’s heart

Ned Barnett’s March 24 column lifted my spirits on an otherwise dreary Palm Sunday. Inspired by a speech given by Diane Ravitch, Barnett spoke the truth to a legislature and citizenry who needed to hear it.

As a retired pastor and part-time community college instructor, I am fully aware of the degrading of our teachers. My wife also teaches in a college setting, and we have three grandchildren in the public school system. We know how hard our colleagues work to further the education of their students. We know also how public school teachers work long hours to teach our grandchildren and their peers.

The notion that tenure promotes mediocrity is simply out of touch with the reality of loving, caring teachers whose hearts are at the center of their work. Of course we have teachers who have become wearied by the situations they find in their classrooms every day. I can tell you how unprepared many students are for the challenge of learning. I can also tell you about highly motivated students who overcome the most difficult obstacles because of loving, caring teachers.

My heart breaks at the blame game being played out in society by adults who should know better.

Rev. Harold W. Bruen, Raleigh

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