Life awakes anew

March 30, 2013 

Easter reflects a concept that originated with man’s first awareness of the cyle of life. We see resurrection in t the awakening of azaleas, tulips, dandelions and daffodils, in the trees unfolding new leaves, and the songs of spring, as birds gather two by two.

Farmers, and those close to the earth’s ways, understand better the hidden secrets of unseen life. They know well the story that our future is contained within the seed. The day we observe as Easter is but another page of the unending flow of life, neither the beginning nor the end. We see resurrection in the “V” formations of waterfowl passing overhead, wings flashing in the morning light, the rasping calling of a fish crow and newly budded trees that dance with each passing gust of wind.

Fresh life gathers at the bird feeder as it tosses in the boisterous winds of spring, as seed offerings host a gathering of chickadees, house finches, sparrows and nut hatches, clinging to the swaying platform, enjoying a wild ride, as the feeder swings beneath the gray skies. Below, the wind ruffled dove and squirrel quarrel over the spoils.

Tomorrow opens the door of All Fools Day and a season full of warm and whimsical delight. Fall, death and new life, the unbroken circle, ever changing and eternal.

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