Ardis "Ardie" L. Wilson

March 30, 2013 

Ardis “Ardie” L. Wilson, age 86, of Apex, NC, died on March 8, 2013. Mrs. Wilson is preceded in death by her husband of 56 years (married May 7, 1949) R. Jay Wilson. She is survived by her only child, Heidi A. Wilson of Apex, NC.

Mrs. Wilson was born in Cleveland, Ohio on September 17, 1926. She graduated from West High School, Cleveland, Ohio.

Her mother died in 1941 when Ardis was only 15 and World War II was just beginning. Following graduation, she wanted to do her part in the war effort so she went to work at the Navy Finance Center, Cleveland, Ohio on July 4, 1944 as a federal civil service employee. She worked her way up as a military pay claims specialist and eventually took charge of resolving all claims as determined by the Naval Board of Corrections in Washington, D.C. She received numerous awards and recognition for her dedicated and outstanding service for the U.S. Navy.

She moved from her father’s home in January 1945 and took residence in the Salvation Army Evangeline Residence for Young Business Girls in Cleveland, Ohio. That was her home until she married Jay on May 7, 1949. They met at the Navy Finance Center where he was also employed as a Computer Specialist.

After 14 years of marriage, Ardis became pregnant with Heidi and resigned from the Navy Finance Center on June 12, 1963. After Jay retired, Ardis, Jay, and Heidi moved to Green Valley, Arizona where they lived from June 1975 until June 1981.

Ardis and Jay were members of The Reformed Church in America (Presbyterian Family of Churches) for most of their adult lives. They moved to Cary, NC in 1981 to join the newly established First Reformed Church of Cary. Ardis was very active in the life and work of the church for many years. She assisted the Pastor with the assembly and mailing of letters and the monthly Family Times. She was the “unofficial" greeter who knew and welcomed all who entered the church. She was always ready and willing to clean, iron, and give a hug to the young and old alike. Her vacations were always planned around “church work” and you could count on one hand the Sunday’s she was not in her front row pew for over 18 years.

A memorial service will be held at 7pm on Friday, April 5th at the First Reformed Church of Cary, 555 S.W. Maynard Road.

Any memorials may be made to the Salvation Army. Condolences may be expressed at

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