Robert G. Harrison: No helmets, more insurance

March 31, 2013 

More insurance needed

I am shocked that the legislature is even considering what amounts to a complete repeal of the law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets.

First, common sense should say that it is the right thing to do. Second, safety experts advocate the practice. Third, the argument that people should be able to decide this for themselves is without merit, because victims of serious head injuries, if they survive, will likely become expensive burdens for society.

Which brings me to the proposed requirement that motorcyclists without helmets must have $10,000 of medical coverage. This amount might cover the first few hours or days of treatment in the event of a serious head injury. To cover the full cost, including rehabilitation and the possibility of special care for the rest of their lives, add two or three zeroes to the figure.

Robert G. Harrison


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