Ann G. Mullin: Pay it forward

March 31, 2013 

Pay it forward

In response to the March 27 letter “Order of success”: I too wish that every baby was born into the best of circumstances with conscientious parents. Fortunately, most babies are loved and cared for by hard-working and devoted parents.

While my husband and I never had children, we took it to heart that it was our responsibility to support other children with our resources. We voted “yes” for every school bond, paying more in property tax so that children could have great schools. We want our tax dollars to support public and private university tuition for every North Carolina student.

We are pleased that our taxes help rear children by providing federal tax credits for each child. We believe in the mortgage deduction, making it more likely that children can grow up in a home.

We have been pleased to be able to support happy and healthy children and strong families. It’s good for the whole of society. Pay it forward, gladly.

Ann G. Mullin


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