A civil solution over Chapel Hill mural

March 31, 2013 

Now here is the picture of civility. In Chapel Hill, a controversy erupted recently, or threatened to, when a mural on the side of the Lantern Restaurant of a boy and girl playing violin and flute was painted over. Some observers took it as an insult to hometown artist Michael Brown, who’s painted murals all over town. Chef Andrea Reusing came under some criticism for having the deed done.

In Chapel Hill, where any teapot can ignite a tempest, some saw demonstrations and boycotts coming. But though Reusing was not making public comment, she did say she was going to replace the mural with outdoor gardens and vine-covered walls.

For his part, Brown volunteered to paint another mural, and disdained the idea of a boycott. In fact, he said he planned to continue to eat there himself. He’s been a regular. “There’s no need,” he said, “to be punitive about it.”

Good for him. Turns out he’s a class act in addition to being a class artist. Might he be called to mediate in Washington?

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