Peter V. Andrews: Hypocritical GOP

April 1, 2013 

Hypocritical GOP

In addition to collecting sales taxes on items sold, North Carolina collects taxes on about 30 services. Now, Republican state legislators are looking to add about 130 more (“Lawmakers mull new taxes for 130 services,” March 20).

The list includes car washes, lawn care, debt counseling, dating services, taxidermy, newspapers, bowling, pet grooming, investment counseling, fees paid to attorneys, accountants, veterinarians and physicians, carpentry, painting, plumbing and other trades, barber shops and beauty salons, diaper services, health clubs, shoe repair, internet service providers, books, music and movie downloads.

For example, my $12 haircut might cost $12.84. I could still give my barber $15 to cover the tax and tip, but now the poor barber would have to keep track of this $0.84 tax money and send it to the state!

Can you imagine what Republicans would say if Democrats proposed such a thing? Why, they would say that these independent business owners were being driven out of business by the high cost of record keeping and that taxpayers were paying more and more taxes. And they would be right. But wait a minute; it’s the Republicans who are proposing these new taxes. How hypocritical!

Peter V. Andrews


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