Carolyn Davis: Hope lacking

April 1, 2013 

Hope lacking

In the 1949 movie entitled “All the King’s Men,” one of the characters was a simple man by the name of Willie Stark. Willie rose up through the ranks and became a candidate for governor. In one of his speeches he said, “It is the right of the people that they shall not be deprived of hope.” He eventually won the governorship and like so many politicians, he became intoxicated with the power of his position (also of alcohol). His supporters were left behind as his greed increased. He lost his initial vision that citizens should not be deprived of hope.

We, in North Carolina, are also losing our hope as our current legislators betray us again and again. They plot to void legal contracts with the people. They want to make voting more difficult. They refuse to accept federal money to insure our citizens. They plot against the weak and oppressed citizens while giving raises to people already making excellent salaries because they threaten to leave the state. ... Well, let them go.

It is time the elected people work for the citizens of North Carolina and give the citizens hope. In four years, the damages will already be done. We must start now.

Carolyn Davis


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