Dorothea Morefield: Death penalty not answer

April 1, 2013 

Death penalty

not answer

As the mother of a homicide victim, I would like to comment on state Sen. Thom Goolsby’s attempt to equate the death penalty with justice for the families of murder victims.

My oldest child was 19 years old when he and three other employees were shot to death as they lay on the freezer floor in a fast-food restaurant. Believe me, I have looked at the death penalty from every viewpoint. I have felt hatred, rage and an overwhelming desire for vengeance. These are normal emotions for a victim’s family and friends. But they are emotions that must be worked through and left behind if healing is to take place.

Society does indeed have an obligation to those experiencing the trauma and sorrow that murder leaves in its wake. Some need counseling, some may need financial help and all need compassion and understanding. What we do not need is more violence. An execution is never “a life for a life.” It is another death, another link in the chain of violence that we should be trying to break.

As a country we should be better than this. The death penalty is not the answer. It can never be the answer.

Dorothea Morefield


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