Tom Evans: Early voting a nonissue

April 2, 2013 

Early voting

a nonissue

I am confused by the outcry from certain race-based organizations over shortening early voting as reported by Rob Christensen’s March 30 piece headlined: “Groups fight early voting bills.”

I don’t understand why cutting back early voting to one week can be seen as in any way limiting an individual’s ability to vote. All I can say is that these folks must not have enough to do.

Not long ago people amazingly had only one day to get their vote registered, and (if memory serves) voting day was deemed a day off.

Everyone had an equal chance to vote and may only have required the late sleepers in our midst to get up early one morning every couple of years.

So now we have the absolute luxury of extended voting (whether one week or two), and people are up in arms about it.

Ton Evans


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