Leigh LeClair: Politics, religion and Sundays

April 2, 2013 

Politics, religion and Sundays

To the member of the N.C. General Assembly that stated that it was necessary to end Sunday early voting to “respect the Sabbath,” I have this to say to him: Please end Sunday shopping, going to the movies, eating out, sporting events and all other activities so that all those who might disrespect the Sabbath will not have the opportunity.

Yes, please tell the Carolina Panthers that no home football games will be played because this “disrespects the Sabbath.”

I personally am tired of our politicians picking and choosing which parts of religion they are willing to disrespect and which they are going to respect. Early voting and Sunday voting makes it easier for people to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Obviously our GOP-led NCGA has never had to try to schedule time to visit the polls around a work schedule.

Sunday might be the only day available for someone to vote. Maybe it is time that we, as voters, make our voices heard and send this crowd packing in the next election – gerrymandered districts or not. It is time for the voters to pick their representatives and not our representatives picking their voters.

Leigh LeClair


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