Joye Mullis: Hava a heart, GA

April 3, 2013 

Have a heart, GA

Eric Sanchez’s March 20 editorial, “A heart for helping babies,” was right on target. We need to keep legislation to require pulse oximetry newborn screening (HB 105/SB 98) moving in the legislature. Every day we delay, babies’ lives are at stake.

I am eternally grateful that a pulse oximeter was waiting for my son when his heart began to fail him soon after his birth. While it wasn’t part of the routine screening process, an observant postpartum nurse made a split-second decision to screen my son and, ultimately, save his life.

Thanks to the leadership of Wake County lawmakers (Rep. Jim Fulghum, Rep. Skip Stam, Sen. Josh Stein and Sen. Chad Barefoot), both the House and the Senate have introduced bills that would require every baby born in N.C. to be screened with pulse oximetry before being sent home.

I sincerely hope that lawmakers from all 100 counties, as well as our governor, will see the need to turn these bills into law, and that the importance of screening our newborns’ hearts would be heard loud and clear across North Carolina.

Joye Mullis, Raleigh

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