Lynne Seymour: Knives on a plane

April 3, 2013 

Knives on a plane

TSA chief, John Pistole’s proposal to change TSA’s policy on prohibiting weapons on aircraft is a recipe for disaster.

As a 32-year flight attendant, I am very familiar with the dangers inherent in confrontations with inebrieated or irate passengers. When a potential weapon is introduced into the equation, the threat of serious injury or death to flight attendants – and passengers – increases exponentially. Many flights do not have an air marshal aboard. The plane’s captain and first officer are locked in the cockpit and will not be available to assist in an emergency.

Neither flight attendants nor passengers can be expected to have the training necessary to confront an armed assailant or terrorist. And, in the enclosed environment of an aircraft cabin, flying at 32,000 feet over the U.S. or international waters, that armed assailant can inflict considerable harm to many individuals before he is brought down. It’s hard to envision a more captive collection of potential victims!

I strongly recommend each of you contact your elected representatives to voice your opposition to this incredibly short-sighted move!

Lynne Seymour, River Bend

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