Fred Robinson: Vigilance wins out

April 5, 2013 

Vigilance wins out again

This recent brouhaha over the display of a Confederate battle flag in a public building in Raleigh by NAACP leaders has gone over my head.

This particular display of a historical flag represents, at least to me, a period of time in American history that was fraught with derision, selfishness, anger, hatred, oppression and perhaps downright ignorance.

So does this flag’s display offend me?

No, it does not. Does the Greensboro Lunch Counter, displayed at the National Museum of American History – a public building – serve to inflame or shame you when you see it?

Do the memories of Dacha and Auschwitz inflame you or shame you when you reflect on them?

Does the Trail of Tears make you mad or does it cause you to feel sick to your stomach?

Does that Vietnam POW flag on a public building inflame or shame you when you see it?

Does that homeless man with no teeth or shoes inflame you or shame you?

I submit we let these things serve as a daily reminder and a big poke in our collective eye of all the missteps, misdeeds and evil that can happen in our country if we don’t all stay vigilant.

Fred Robinson


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