Kelly Howard: Not sorry to leave N.C.

April 5, 2013 

Not sorry to leave N.C.

I have been upset at having to leave North Carolina since my boyfriend got a job offer in Oregon. I’ve lived here almost 15 years, and it’s home. However, given the recent Republican actions, I’m getting less regretful.

This state seems to be rushing back in time: disenfranchising poor and black people by IDs, gerrymandering and ending early voting; refusing to expand Medicaid; hastening fracking without regulations; repealing the RJA; gay marriage ban; and kowtowing to corporations and the wealthy.

Now N.C. has become the laughingstock of the country – again – by the resolution to establish a state religion, and I’m becoming downright glad to leave. What’s next: legislating the value of pi? Separate drinking fountains? A separate university system for blacks, per Rick Martinez?

At least I know that N.C. will be glad to see me gone; I’m poor, and I had to quit working last year due to health problems. But I’ll be afraid to visit. The way it’s going, N.C. will end up a Republican Fantasy Land, with segregation, poisoned water supplies, fetid air, Robber Barons, and the poor and minorities starving or fleeing.

Those hippies in Oregon are sounding better and better.

Kelly Howard


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