CrossFit classes flourish in the Triangle - just not in corporate offices, dquizon@newsobserver.comApril 6, 2013 

The CrossFit craze is alive and well in the Triangle, with numerous gyms now offering classes and boot camps across the region.

But so far the craze does not appear to have made the jump from private gyms to corporate campuses.

Steve Johnson, owner of CrossFit RDU, said a couple of people who take classes at his gym have asked their employers about the possibility of hosting classes on site.

“I’m currently trying to do that, but nothing is actually going at this time,” Johnson said.

CrossFit Durham owner Dave Rubin said expanding to offer classes outside his gym hasn’t been a priority in the nearly five years he’s been in business.

“We haven’t been really active in trying to solicit business outside of our four walls,” he said. “And we haven’t had a lot of inquiries about it.”

Rubin did, however, have a meeting last week with a large downtown Durham employer about such a relationship. He said any company offering CrossFit classes at the office would need a suitable space and need to figure out how to have the necessary equipment onsite for training.

“Equipment is a big part of what we do,” Rubin said. “I know in my case I definitely would not want to be schlepping equipment day to day to a place. We’re not really a mobile type of place.”

Kimberly Hicks, co-owner of Triangle CrossFit, agreed.

“You’re using a lot of equipment,” she said. “ ... That variety is what CrossFit is. If you don’t have access to all that equipment – you can still get in some great workouts – but to do CrossFit you’re looking at different types of equipment.”

Hicks said it would likely take a high-level Triangle executive to champion CrossFit to make it happen here.

“It usually takes somebody whose pretty high up whose done something like it or experienced it themselves,” she said.

Hicks is a former assistant manager at Cary-based SAS’ fitness and wellness center. SAS is famous for offering its employees an unmatched array of perks. So does SAS offer CrossFit?

It does not. A spokeswoman said that while the company offers a wide variety of fitness classes and boot camps, CrossFit is not among them.

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