Kathy Boos: No need to redraw districts

April 7, 2013 

No need to redistrict Wake County again

New Wake County school board district lines were redrawn by a Republican majority on the school board for the 2011 election. We saw democracy in action with high voter turnout and hotly contested campaigns. The people voted and had their say.

Now Wake County Sens. Neal Hunt and Chad Barefoot have sponsored Senate Bill 325 that redraws the school board district lines again and changes the terms of current school board members. In effect, they want to throw out the results of the 2011 election because it did not come out the way they wanted.

I am a parent, a Wake County citizen and a registered voter. I have never missed an election in 36 years of voting in Wake County, not even a run-off election. I take the election process and democracy in our country, state and county very seriously. That is why I am so disappointed in Sens. Hunt and Barefoot and their Senate Bill 325.

To now throw out the results of that election and once again redraw new district lines and have a new “special election” is costly and is frankly undemocratic.

Kathy Boos


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