Marilyn Dixon: Redrawing maps expensive

April 7, 2013 

Redrawing maps expensive

The 2011 Wake County school board election sent a resounding message that voters want politics out of our schools and the school board. Now in a blatantly cynical move, Sens. Neal Hunt and Chad Barefoot are behaving like third-world warlords: don’t like an election’s outcome? Nullify it!

In promoting a plan that shortens the terms of their political opponents and lengthens the terms of their allies, they are interjecting politics squarely back into the schools. Keep in mind that there has been no groundswell among Wake County voters calling for these senators to overturn the way for decades school board members have been elected.

Furthermore, voters need to know how much the proposed redistricting is going to cost. Taxpayers have already paid $40,000 for the current maps drawn up just two years ago by Kiernan Shanahan. Will taxpayers get a refund since those maps are being tossed out? A particularly valid question for these two senators who present themselves as such fiscal conservatives.

Marilyn Dixon


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