Matt Goodall: No ‘confidence’

April 7, 2013 

No ‘confidence’

If House Speaker Thom Tillis wants to restore “confidence in elections” I suggest he ask his party not to reduce the terms of some members of the Wake County school board by 17 months while expanding the terms of others.

He should ask that Republicans not fire state panel and commission members (appointed as the result of prior elections) before their terms expire.

He certainly should stop their attempt to cut the hours the polls are open. He should see to it that Republicans not gerrymander (some) county school board districts or undermine leaders elected by voters in cities and towns.

But I’ve lost faith in this majority, which sells out its principles to consolidate its power. I say the only real way to restore confidence in our elections will be, as always, to kick the bums out.

Matt Goodall


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