Divorce legislation overreaches

April 7, 2013 

News item: Despite the fact that it has a state lottery, North Carolina is in no danger of becoming Las Vegas. Really. It’s true. So will somebody please so inform veteran state Sen. Austin Allran, a Republican from Hickory. He appears to be worried about it. Either that, or he just likes the idea of the state not minding its own business.

Allran is the primary sponsor of the Healthy Marriage Act, which would extend to two years the amount of time people in North Carolina have to wait to finalize a divorce. And, they would be forced to get counseling and study conflict resolution.

So, did we misunderstand, or isn’t the Republican Party the one that wants to get government off the backs of the people? But this kind of bill invites government in the front door and offers it the guest room for a couple of years.

If Allran were a preacher, he’d be within professional bounds to advise people to get counseling. But he’s a legislator, and so their personal behavior is not his to regulate. The state’s waiting period is perfectly reasonable and trusts adults to be adults.

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