Proposed tower would complement downtown Durham

April 7, 2013 

They seem to mean business, these people from Austin Lawrence Partners of Vail, Colo., who say they’d like to consider building a 26-story building in the heart of downtown Durham.

The building, which would jut out of the skyline sort of like a glass Lego standing on its end, would include commercial and residential use, including 133 luxury apartments.

Certainly it would seem to be another nice complement to Durham’s downtown area, which has enjoyed the American Tobacco project headed by Raleigh’s Jim Goodmon.

Durham residents and leaders will have plenty to say about all this in the coming days, weeks, perhaps months. One factor to consider is whether a high-rise is the way to go when there remains property in downtown that could be developed. Would the high-rise suck the air out of other possibilities?

Maybe not, but it’s a valid question to ask. And yes, it’s true that in a city with some exciting things going on downtown and with Duke University on the scene and prepared to take a lot of office space in the building, there should be room for variety.

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