Ting Ting Eeo: Wind bill encouraging

April 8, 2013 

Wind bill encouraging

There is tremendous potential for producing clean wind energy off of our coasts, especially here in North Carolina. According to a report conducted by the Sierra Club, North Carolina has the most offshore wind potential of any Atlantic Coast state, with the capacity of providing 58 GW or 130 percent of the state’s energy demands.

However, the advancement of offshore wind still has a long road ahead if we plan on catching up to the progress in renewable energy in Europe. In fact, as of now, no projects have yet been built off U.S. shores.

Thankfully, leaders in the Congress have already introduced a bill, “Incentivizing Offshore Wind Power Act,” to jumpstart offshore wind projects. But neither of our U.S. senators has joined the charge to help make the promise of offshore wind a reality.

As a student at UNC-Chapel Hill, I was pleased with Gov. Pat McCrory’s recent public statement supporting offshore wind energy. I hope Sens. Richard Burr and Kay Hagan can follow his lead and co-sponsor this bill.

Ting Ting Eeo, Chapel Hill

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