Danny Jaynes: More to loss of bees

April 8, 2013 

More to loss of bees

Two things are wrong with the April 4 letter “Mites cause bee issue” pertaining to the heavy losses of honey bees.The letter-writer said “there is almost no correlation with the presence of pesticides in general or neonicotinoids in particular.”

First, the writer failed to disclose that she is an employee of the Bayer Bee Care Center under construction at RTP. Second, she failed to mention that Bayer products have been banned in eight European countries, which have found a strong correlation between their toxic compounds and honey bee losses.

The writer knows better because she is the director of communications for the center.

I have lost 38 colonies out of 50 going into the winter. We are experiencing heavy losses throughout North Carolina and much of the nation this year. I am not alone in suspecting that toxic pesticides, such as those manufactured by Bayer, are at least partly responsible. We are asking the Environmental Protection Agency to investigate.

Danny Jaynes

President, N.C. State Beekeepers Association

Willow Spring

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