Marc Camnitz: Cuba not innocent

April 9, 2013 

Cuba not innocent

Edward T. Walsh presented a compelling argument in his April 3 Point of View piece “Cuba, U.S.: Time to lean forward,” advocating removal of Cuba from the United States’ terrorist nations list. Terror may not appear on Fidel or Raul Castro’s export list, but it is alive and well in and out of their dungeons.

Sonia Garro of the women’s freedom group Ladies in White and her husband, Ramon, have been sitting in separate rundown, rat-infested jails for two years. Ms. Garro is poor, black, generous in spirit and a nonconformist – in short, everything the regime detests and fears. She has lived the racism and impoverishment of the glorious revolution. Her crime? Opening community centers for young girls to turn them away from prostitution and illiteracy. So, as reward for her determination to change Cuba for the better, the response from the government was to twice unleash a mob of thugs to beat her up and lay siege to her home.

So, by all means, let’s negotiate with the progenitors of propaganda and see if diplomacy at the highest levels makes a dent in the power of the few. Hopefully, freedom’s spirit pushed along by our media and government will save the day for Sonia, her family and the forgotten.

Marc Camnitz


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