: Connie Domino: A reminder to vote

April 9, 2013 

A reminder to vote

I would like to thank Republican legislators for reminding North Carolinians to vote. Anyone who has ever raised or worked with college students knows the best way to get them to do something is to make them mad and challenge them not to do it.

The proposed legislation to tax parents of college students extra if the college students vote (which sounds like a poll tax to me) should ensure a huge college turnout. Why, it used to be when state government valued its college students, teachers, professors, middle and working classes, citizens in general, and made laws that supported them, people would forget to vote.

Back when state government wasn’t such big government that it interfered with local governments, local school boards and local elections, people didn’t think so much about it. Back when Wake County’s public schools were considered a model for the country, and North Carolina’s higher education system was considered a model for the world, voter turnout was at its lowest.

Well, I think they actually solved one problem during their tenure. By reminding people every week about voting and then making laws that hurt them, they’ve motivated people to vote. Thanks!

Connie Domino


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