Hubert Papes: Carson doing right

April 10, 2013 


doing right

Barry Saunders’ March 26 column regarding Dr. Ben Carson reveals the dilemma facing those who oppose him: They shudder in comparison.

Individuals like Saunders will always greet a clean, respectful opponent with mud and strawman arguments. How is raising awareness over the ballooning rates of food stamp participation suddenly an “attack on the poor”? How is someone who went from food stamp recipient to one of the most renowned doctors in the world suddenly disqualified from commenting on how to improve social programs?

What people like Saunders fail to grasp is that government programs don’t end poverty, individuals do. That is not to say, as I’m sure will be construed by left-leaning demagogues, that social welfare programs are not useful or constructive; Dr. Carson clearly exemplifies their merit.

We have transitioned from government poverty-relief being considered a blessing to being considered a right – as though what is given was not taken from somewhere else. This shift from personal accountability to entitlement is partially why SNAP participation has soared while unemployment recedes. Carson speaks of the importance of reversing this trend for social welfare to achieve its goals. He is greeted with character attacks from lesser men.

Hubert Papes


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