Fritz Eckert: 19th-century politics

April 10, 2013 

19th-century politics

Regarding your April 8 article “Dix deed’s words stir debate”: I read with ironic interest the state GOP’s reference of wording from 1848 to justify a change in the Dix-Wake contract on which they have their blessed hearts set.

We moved our family here in 1987, and I must admit with some trepidation having lived half our lives in the North. But soon we were reveling in the swift development and sophistication of the modern South. We developed a pride in living in North Carolina and in its forward-looking philosophies and actions.

I’ve read that it’s been practically 100 years since the GOP controlled all facets of the state government. Were people so dissatisfied with the progress of the state all those years? And if so, why did it take so long for the voters of North Carolina to scrap all of that in the hope of steering us back toward 1848?

Fritz Eckert


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