Bob Harper: Raising taxes not the answer

April 10, 2013 

Raising taxes not the answer

The April 5 Other Opinion column “Follow FDR’s advice: Tax those most able to pay” stated that President Franklin D. Roosevelt raised taxes to get this nation back on track during the Great Depression. The writer is wrong.

Every plan Roosevelt introduced caused stagnation and the prolonging of the depression. Cutting taxes, not raising them, has been the prescription that has always worked to bring this nation out of deep recessions. Cutting taxes to come out of recessions was done by Calvin Coolidge in 1920 and also by JFK, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

President Kennedy said, “When taxes are lowered, economic activity is stimulated that raises the levels on income for the general population and also results in more tax revenue going to Washington.”

After two terms for FDR (eight years), unemployment was still in double digits, 14.6 percent in 1940. Only after the nation began to mobilize for World War II did we start to pull out of the Great Depression. What caused our economic boom after World War II was that all of our returning vets needed clothes, cars and other items, as did our civilians. All companies began to produce products and services needed by everyone.

Bob Harper


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