Adam Linker: Conover piece flawed

April 10, 2013 

Flawed piece

I was deeply disappointed with Dr. Christopher Conover’s March 28 Point of View “N.C. faces ‘Sophie’s Choice’ on Medicaid.”

In the Point of View piece, he cites an excellent Oregon study as a reason for North Carolina not to expand health insurance to all citizens. The problem is that the study he uses found tremendous benefits to Medicaid including happier and more financially secure patients.

Obviously all research has strengths and weaknesses that we could spend years debating. I propose a simpler survey.

Let’s suppose Conover lost his comfortable Duke job of lecturing the less fortunate on the dangers of Medicaid. Now let’s suppose that he and his family lost their insurance. Would Conover allow his family to go uninsured, even if they qualified for Medicaid, because he found a study that says there is no difference in death rates between the uninsured and those on Medicaid? I doubt it.

Adam Linker


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