James K. Reed: Causes of ADHD?

April 10, 2013 

Causes of ADHD?

Regarding your April 4 editorial “Focus on ADHD”: The dismissive news reports about the increase of ADHD among schoolchildren are remarkably similar to the reports that for years denied global warming. Simple solution: Blame it on the misuse or abuse of drugs prescribed to unruly kids.

The stories I have read explore possible causes of ADHD – such as the mysterious chemicals in processed food; in manufactured products; in air pollution; the pervasive use of (possibly) unsafe electronic gadgets; and the too-many-rats-in-a-cage population density.

Was ADHD a problem 50 years ago? When did we first start hearing about it? Why are so many young people – more and more – affected with its symptoms?

Chatter about Ritalin does not respond to these questions.

James K. Reed


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