Sandra Davison: Legislators, UNC need solutions

April 11, 2013 

UNC solutions

Earlier this week Sen. David Curtis stated, “UNC did not become a national leader in academics by wasting time and tax dollars on frivolous social experiments.” Perhaps Sen. Curtis is unfamiliar with UNC’s culture of empowering students to engage with important issues, and maybe he views the institution’s choice to better navigate the changing landscape of diversity policies as a waste of time.

Three weeks ago, I and five other young alumni from UNC-Chapel Hill wrote a petition asking the state’s flagship university to take the lead addressing three major issues: academic fraud, athletic scandal and the mishandling of sexual assaults. This letter was presented to university stakeholders April 10. We as well as 150-plus signees ask the university to find inclusive, creative, rigorous solutions to these problems.

I encourage the legislators to spend more time focusing on the same kind of solutions to what is confronting our state and our university system instead of expending a great deal of time and taxpayer dollars on efforts to constrain and control what and how students on campus are learning and living.

Sandra Davidson, Lillington

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