What people are saying about the selection of Carol Folt as UNC-CH chancellor

April 12, 2013 

What people are saying

Reaction to the selection of Carol Folt as the new chancellor at UNC-Chapel Hill

“She just lights up a room. It’s the energy. She’s just really smart. I think she’s right for the challenges here.”

Will Leimenstoll

UNC-CH student body president

“She was selected because she’s enormously talented and accomplished and has a wide range of experience, and she just happens to be a woman. She shows great passion, warmth and grace.”

Hannah Gage

UNC Board of Governors member

“I don’t think you could run Dartmouth unless you were capable of making difficult decisions and comfortable doing so. … She has a level of energy that is contagious. You cannot be around her and not get excited about her leadership.”

Wade Hargrove

UNC-CH board of trustees chairman

“I’m delighted to have a chancellor from such a great academic background. Across academia, there are a shortage of women in leadership positions, particularly at UNC. This is definitely a step in the right direction.”

Gregory Copenhaver

Associate professor in the UNC-CH biology department

“We had 21 super bright people who understand Carolina’s challenges as best as anyone could, and this is their pick. I trust their judgment. I’m excited.”

Aaron Nelson

Former UNC-CH student body president and president and chief executive officer of the Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce

“She seemed very enthusiastic. She seemed to already love Carolina. That’s great. It’s been a rough year for Carolina. I think that she will bring a fresh perspective is good.”

Ciera Combs

UNC-CH junior from Mooresville

“She’s already wearing Carolina blue. School spirit is obviously huge. So that’s good.”

Nikita Shamdasani

UNC-CH sophomore from Fayetteville

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