N.C. Wesleyan offers 3-year bachelor’s degree program

April 15, 2013 

— As public and private universities across the state struggle with means to make their programs affordable, North Carolina Wesleyan College says it has come up with a solution.

N.C. Wesleyan, a small four-year-college in Rocky Mount, has partnered with Pitt Community College in Greenville to offer a three-year program to obtain a degree in business administration, according to Wesleyan’s president James Gray III.

Gray said the program is fully loaded with all required courses to obtain a degree in business administration, but the new approach means the degree is less expensive and quicker to earn.

State budget cuts have forced some schools to increase the cost of tuition, room and board. Gray said that has put increased pressure on many colleges and universities to come up with innovative programs that are affordable.

The college refers to the program is a “solution-based” degree.

The three-year-program will also address the issue of students seeking nontraditional courses. There has been a dramatic shift in recent years from the traditional four-year residential model to the nontraditional model, including evening, online and community college classes, especially as more adults are seeking higher learning. This program also aims to address those students’ needs.

The program will start classes in August. The schools will begin recruiting students on Monday.

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