The other foot for McCrory

April 15, 2013 

Oh, what a righteous man. Candidate Pat McCrory, clean-Gene former mayor of Charlotte, the reasoned voice of bipartisan ethical government, was mighty, mighty fed up with the Democratic machine in Raleigh. Why, they appointed political fundraisers to state posts! The very idea!

In fact, McCrory said, “We should not give the appearance that someone gets an appointment because they’ve raised thousands upon thousands of dollars for a particular candidate. And there’s no doubt that that’s been the norm in state government for decades.” He added later, “I want to take politics out of board work so there’s not an appearance of a conflict of interest.”

Now it’s 2013. McCrory’s standing by his vow to maintain high ethical standards, a spokesperson says.

But he recently named a Raleigh real estate man, Mike Smith, to the Board of Transportation, The News & Observer’s Under the Dome reported. Smith reported on campaign disclosure forms that he personally collected $106,000 for McCrory’s 2012 campaign. But Smith says that he has known McCrory for over 20 years and that theirs is “not a fundraising relationship.”

But ... uh ... is there a new political vocabulary no one has told us about?

Here’s a lesson for the governor. When a candidate speaks, people are listening. And some of them are taking it down – so that people won’t forget it later.

They were, they did and they haven’t. Even if it appears the governor has.

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