Tom Sisk: Law would protect animal cruelty

April 16, 2013 

Protecting cruelty

The N.C. legislature has a pending law making it illegal to videotape animal cruelty in farms, industry and slaughterhouses (April 7 news article).

The very people who are abusing animals for fun and profit are being protected by our legislature, while the whistleblowers who are documenting this abuse and trying to report crimes to the authorities and inform the public are being criminalized! There is no purpose for this other than to place the almighty dollar and profit ahead of the humane treatment of animals.

Farmers and meat industry people don’t need this protection. All they have to do to avoid trouble is to act humanely. All of a sudden that is too great a burden? Is greed and profit that important to our lawmakers that they would do this? Well, that’s a silly question, I guess, because they’re already doing it.

Criminalizing heroic behavior while protecting despicable and felonious behavior – is this really what we want from our state government?

Tom Sisk


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