Phil Seymour: Leaders need learning

April 16, 2013 

Leaders need learning

Is there something in the water Republican lawmakers are drinking? First, several Rowan County Republican “lawmakers” propose to make Christianity our state’s “official” religion completely ignoring (or being ignorant of) both the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings on this matter.

Then, in response to a constituent’s question, Rep. Michele Presnell, one of these same Rowan County rocket scientists, equates Islam, and any prayers to “the Islamic God,” to terrorism (“Lawmaker likens Islamic prayer to terrorism,” April 10). You can’t make this stuff up – and it just keeps coming.

Equating the Islamic faith to terrorism (because some terrorists are Muslims) makes no more sense than equating Christianity to terrorism because some who have committed terrorist acts happened to be Christians. The fact of one does not prove the other in either case.

Further, that “Islamic God” that Presnell denigrates just happens to be the very same God that we “good Christians” worship. It’s a most inconvenient fact for Presnell, but a fact nevertheless.

I might recommend that Presnell and her friends actually read the First Amendment and then attend basic classes in both civics and world religions.

Phil Seymour

River Bend

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