Suzanne Orebaugh: Cut needless spending

April 17, 2013 

Cut endless spending

In response to the April 16 letter “Sequester cuts meals”: I am truly sorry about the meals being cut by the sequester. I am a senior and am very concerned about seniors who depend on these meals, but the sequester came from the White House, not the Republicans.

Maybe our president should have cut some money from the Snail Sex Study, which has been given a federal grant of $876,752, or maybe we shouldn’t spend $27 million to teach people in Morocco to make pottery. And do we really need to give half a million dollars to the National Science Foundation to make a video called “Prom Week” that gives people a chance to relive their proms? Can’t our tax money be better spent?

There is a lot of wasteful spending that could be cut so that we don’t have to cut things like Meals on Wheels and White House tours, so let’s get together and demand cutting spending on the unnecessary things. Could it be that the whole sequester “thing” is political?

Suzanne Orebaugh


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