William Alex Ronke: Scout equality

April 17, 2013 

Scout equality

Next month, the Boy Scouts of America will consider a proposal to end its policy of discrimination against gay scouts and volunteers. While the exact wording is still under discussion, I want to state my support for the side of equality and openness.

I am an Eagle Scout from Troop 72, from Skyland UMC, the church where I grew up in my hometown of Asheville. I am no stranger to faith, principles or the civic pride of being a Boy Scout, and I try to apply those principles in my adult life here in Raleigh.

It is because of that faith and civic pride that I am opposed to the current ban. The time has come to recognize that deliberate discrimination against gay and lesbian persons is not truly in keeping with the values we hold dear. Are we being “helpful, friendly, courteous and kind” by banning gay members from our ranks?

We should set an example in the councils of North Carolina that we welcome all people regardless of orientation. If the council voters across the state take the lead and help end this discrimination, they will have my support.

William Alex Ronke


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