Jay Joiner: Blame the money

April 18, 2013 

Blame the money

The proposed gun-control legislation was primarily a feel-good bill. Background checks may catch a few mentally ill people who would not understand that they could not buy a gun through regulated sources, but criminals would still get guns, basically anything they wanted ... because guns are going to be there. We can’t uninvent a weapon.

If you want proof of that, look at the “war on drugs.” How is that working out for you?

President Obama said so himself. Senators who voted against the gun-control bill did so out of fear of the NRA’s money. The media keep referring to “the power of the NRA.” Why do we keep talking around the elephant in the room?

I don’t care what measure you want to get through Congress, liberal or conservative. It is not going to see the light of day if you or some shadow big-money source cannot threaten Congress with the campaign contributions that make or break elections and political careers.

Until we rid ourselves of this pervasive influence, we get nowhere on anything.

Jay Joiner


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