Zachery Temple: Another test for teachers

April 18, 2013 

Another test

As a new teacher, I am able to survey the landscape of education without the cynicism with which longtime overworked and underpaid teachers often view the profession.

Unfortunately, I can no longer say this is true thanks to Senate Bill 374. This bill looks to take the currently mandated cap off of class sizes, thus allowing classes to have as many students as the administrator deems fit.

In my short tenure as a teacher, I have seen the state show a certain proclivity for running our educational system into the ground. In the last four years, the state has started charging for benefits that were formerly free, frozen pay and forced teachers to take unpaid furlough days. All of these choices have negatively affected teacher retention and overall quality of education, but with the passing of this newest legislation the state is looking to affect more than just teachers.

There are several reputable studies that have shown that smaller class sizes do have a positive effect on student achievement. This choice to increase class sizes will have a negative effect on every student, not just the lowest students but also the top students.

Zachery Temple


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