Administration Building evacuated after suspicious package found in governor’s offices

Staff writerApril 18, 2013 

— The Administration Building was evacuated late Thursday afternoon after a suspicious package was found in Gov. Pat McCrory’s suite of offices on the first floor.

One of McCrory’s staff members opened the package and reported it to authorities, who then evacuated the building at 5 p.m. for about 35 minutes. A Hazardous Materials Response Team removed the item for testing.

Kim Genardo, the governor’s spokeswoman, said early Thursday evening that the staff worker was not injured. Genardo could not describe the package or its contents, and said she did not know how long it would take for experts to analyze the package to determine whether it contained any toxic substances.

“We don’t know how long that testing will take before we get results,” Genardo said.

On Wednesday, a Mississippi man was charged with sending letters that tested positive with the poison ricin to President Barack Obama, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., and a Mississippi judge. The letters followed Monday’s lethal bombing of the Boston marathon.

“This has put everybody’s radar up,” Genardo said. “Fortunately today we didn’t have any injuries. We had a very aware staff member.”

The threat drew a large amount of attention to the Administration Building, which houses most of the governor’s staff although the governor’s main office is in the Capitol. Police blocked off Jones Street, while fire vehicles gathered in front, and a TV helicopter hovered over head.

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