Proud of our pretty pergolas

April 19, 2013 

We invited you to share your pergolas as part of a recent feature, “In praise of pergolas.” Here are some pergolas our readers are especially proud of:

Under the vines

My husband, Bill, built our 11-by-11-foot pergola. The flagstone floor was installed by J&A Stonework. Three corner posts are planted with vines. Carolina jasmine is the first to bloom, next the Lady Banks rose, and last is the Amethyst Falls wisteria. Vines have been planted for three years and should completely cover the top this summer. We use it for relaxing and enjoying views of the pond and rose garden.

Sandra F. Barnard

Willow Spring

Family project

The pergola built in our backyard was built from scratch about four years ago by me and my brother, who was visiting from his home in the Indian Himalayan mountains. Including the flooring, it cost about $2,000. A piece of wisteria from my wife’s mother’s home was planted on two ends, although only one end accounts for much of the growth.

Todd and Anne Travis

Wake Forest

Continental flair

My husband, Paul, constructed our home’s pergola “from scratch” two years ago. It took four weekends to cut the wood and construct, three weekends to paint. Wisteria ivy encircles one of the four columns and is just beginning to drape over the southwest corner. He hung white Christmas lights over the entire pergola that we turn on nightly to give it a European “flair.” The pergola provides a quiet sanctuary in our backyard and a perfect place to enjoy a cold drink.

Mary E. Schricker


Cool comfort and light

We decided to build a pergola since we have sun all day on our deck but still wanted light coming into the kitchen. The pergola was built on the existing deck base; a new floor was laid with a herringbone pattern. The pergola was stained white to match house trim, and we added lighting and ceiling fans (now we can sit on the deck during the hot summer months). A very cozy outside room; it was amazing how many people thought the deck was larger! We hired Jim Brennan of Structurally Speaking to help us design and build the pergola.

Dave and Becky Rainey

Holly Springs

Candlelight space

We designed and contracted out this pergola for our back deck. It changed a large, open and elevated space into an outdoor room much more connected to the house. We added a “chandelier” hanging by a rope to hold battery-powered candles. We are big fans of pergolas!

Bruce and Diana Clarke


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