Charles Cash: Protection from despots

April 20, 2013 

Protection from despots

What is really at stake? The Second Amendment, simply put, is a deterrent put there by the Founding Fathers to prevent a government of career politicians from completely taking over. It’s not about hunting. It’s about a nation being able to defend itself from all enemies foreign and domestic.

When a people become controlled by those in governmental authority rather than the people controlling those in government, we cease to be a free nation. History is our witness – Pol Pot in Cambodia rose into power and slaughtered 25 percent of the population in three years. He did so because there was no armed militia to oppose him. All the ruling power in the Khmer Rouge needed was to slander a group of the population – intellectuals – disarm them and instill fear in the ignorant and angry.

Beware career politicians with an agenda and that agenda being to remain in power.

Charles Cash


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