Joseph W. Cece: Burr an NRA pawn

April 20, 2013 

Burr an NRA pawn

Does Sen. Richard Burr really think that background checks preventing criminals, terrorists, spousal abusers and the mentally ill from obtaining guns could in any way be considered an infringement of Second Amendment rights?

I prefer to believe that Burr is not that ignorant of the Constitution and the number of Supreme Court rulings defining the context and scope of the Second Amendment.

The electorate should be carefully watching our representatives to determine who has the moral courage to do the right thing to help protect our children and neighbors from needless slaughter. Sen. Kay Hagan did the right thing; Burr did not.

Doesn’t North Carolina deserve a U.S. senator who doesn’t take marching orders from Wayne LaPierre, the madman at the helm of the NRA?

Joseph W. Cece


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