Robert P. Kennel: On the money

April 20, 2013 

On the money

Kudos to Dwane Powell for nailing it with his April 14 editorial cartoon! How we have missed his ability to exhibit both substance and emotion in a single hilarious cartoon.

For 40 years, I lived around the country and felt proud of the moderate temperament for which my home state was known under both Democratic and Republican governors. Since retiring back home 15 years ago, I have worked with university alumni and in starting new churches, which has given insight all over the state. Somehow we have slipped into a state government embarrassment.

How else can be described the overreach and sometimes mendacity of the legislative and executive actions and attitudes on issues of Medicaid refusal, voter suppression, unemployment cutoffs, gun uncontrol, immigration rejection, education privatization, higher ed antagonism, racial injustice, commission/board packing, regional ferry toll taxes, payday lending, marriage inequality, cities’ disrespect, Dix contract hypocrisy, fracking safety and the pitiable attempt at a state religion?

Even ALEC couldn’t produce all of these. I pray our current leaders will wake up to see ourselves as others see us and return us to our modern version of that “vale of humility twixt two mountains of conceit.”

Robert P. Kennel

Holly Springs

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